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Idun Baltzersen 1987 Norway

I work figuratively, usually with techniques like woodcut, drypoint, linocut or drawing. The motifs are carved
in large factory sized plywood boards i.e. woodblocks. When a woodblock is finished, I print it on sheeting,
on the floor in my studio. After that I sew the prints together into collages, prints from the same woodblock
recur, sometimes several times. I often combine the collages with the actual woodblocks when I exhibit, so
that both the original relief and the representations are presented.
The size is important, I like to work monumentally – as large as possible. It is frustrating to make large
woodcuts, I get a sore back and splinters in my fingers, I can’t see what I’m doing when the subject is so large,
it becomes like a landscape of wood. But when the works are finished, I am always surprised. It is a great
satisfaction witnessing how the works develop in dialogue with the technique.
I am captivated by young women, heroines, martyrs, how they live, lived and will live. In my work they are
recognizable by their hooded jackets, Converse shoes and self-contained body language. They are their own
protagonists, all lead characters in their own estranged bodies, and antagonists to each other, alone together.
They occupy the scenes without thinking so much about ’how’ and ’why’, as if it has become the most natural
thing in the world, their destiny and mission, doomed to endure the audience and themselves (turning
their backs on everyone). They often have their hair braided.