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Hanna Holmgren 1986, Sweden

There is a madness in the never-ending repetition. At the same time there is serenity. My work is a balance act between endurance and obsession. Loop after loop, stitch after stitch, I build great masses of textile material. Small marks, remnants of the action of the hand, creates monumental wholes. The work is controlled and methodical, but out of it grows an organic pattern. The pattern grows into a shape or an image with associations to nature and the human body, inside and outside. Alien and recognisable at the same time.

The craftmanship is the foundation and the inspiration for my work as a textile artist. It´s the time-consuming techniques, like crochet and embroidery, that intrigues me. The repetitive action slowly drives the work forward. I work intuitively and hands on with the material and the techniques. At the same time the work is guided by more or less explicit rules and limitations.
I strive for that meditative state elicited by the repetition and pose the question – What is the meaning of the craft for the artist, the objects and our society today?