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Cecilia Parsberg, Erik Pauser, David Martinez Escobar, Haval Murad

Within the process of artistic research and a developing practice, new methods might constitute another form of art. The project is centered upon the idea and method of a round table where we – a number of competences ­– have seeked to think together. This has led to a productive collaboratation. The divergent competences that make up the project team has all contributed to the development of the project  A Place in Europe, and moreover, worked to challenge respective practices and forms of knowledge in order to foster a spirit of experimentation and innovation. With the film sculpture The House, we seek to trigger discussions with different fields of knowledge. A Place in Europe has assumed a political form right through from conception to realization. The artistic research is responsive to current policy. The motivation of the project team is to participate in the discourse on migration and the city as a space for (in)justice. A Place in Europe is not conceived as an exclusive work but rather a demonstrably inclusive (albeit resistant to the logic of circular reproduction). Much research on urbanity concerns how the city changes in response to social life. In visualizing what is happening in this between-space, and by extension that which is not functioning, we seek to open up – make visible – a space for action to the viewer.