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For all of you who don’t know who THE BOARD FOR GRAND ART are, we can start by saying that: you should know.

THE BOARD FOR GRAND ART consists of four all knowing directors who work to revise the obsolete art world.
People today believe that the art world is at the forefront of development when it comes to norm criticism and gender equality. This is not true. THE BOARD is constantly working to highlight this fact.

Nobody can escape THE BOARD’s sharp gaze as they reveal the forces that limit the growth of art. They lead society towards an enlightened age where grand art is greater than ever.
THE BOARD opposes an art world that is selective, normative and driven by financial interests. They see a major problem with the capitalist art world where art is regarded as a commodity. It is high time for an end to these backward tendencies.
There is no future for grand art in an art world aligned with elitism and capitalism. The art world’s elite has done its job, the next and only step is THE BOARD.

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