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52The Bondelswart I

Kristin Capp 1964, Seattle, USA. Bor och arbetar i Windhoek, Namibia

My photographic work is an extension of my immediate life environment and personaljourney. While based in the western United States in the 90’s, my work mirrored apersonal investigation into the Hutterite community in eastern Washington State andculminated in the book, Hutterite: A World of Grace (Zurich, 1998). While living in NewYork for 16 years, I explored the urban vernacular, and published the book Americana(Zurich, 2000). My eight-year odyssey of photographing in Brazil led to the book entitledBrasil, published by Damiani (Italy, 2016).Now based permanently in Namibia since 2011, my focus is on the southern Karasregion, where I have photographed extensively. This work is about the Bondelswartpeople of the Nama clan, and is a continuum of my ongoing concern for marginalizedpeople and communities on the periphery of the socio-political mainstream.

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