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Nelson Vergara *1968, Villavicencio, Colombia. Bor och arbetar i Bogotá, Colombia och Linz, Österrike

Nelson Vergara is a media artist with a BA in arts from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a Meisterschüler from the Arts University of Berlin (UDK), and he has postgraduate studies from the University of Arts and Media of Cologne (KMH). Currently he ist PhD candidate at the Kunst Uni Linz. His work focus on anarchical cartographies, expanded documentary installations, reactive and generative systems and the production of time and space documents trough different media process, also in the creation of landscape pieces, where a media vision of the environment prevails. It has been displayed in more than 50 exhibitions and also art and video festivals in countries like China, Croatia, Germany, Spain, USA, Israel, Argentina, Canada and Colombia, among others. At present, Vergara works as associate professor of the Arts School of the National University of Colombia, in Bogota.


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