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38Mobile / Smile / Tearoom

Kanae Ohgi *1963, Karatsu City, Japan. Bor och arbetar i Kurume City, Fukuoka, Japan

Mobile / Smile / Tearoom

Buddhist teachings say that people are born enlightened. Will the soul gradually become stagnate as it is covered with secular life as it lives? I certainly feel like that. Me and the world. A sense of discomfort. As usual, the problem is not disappearing.

Long ago, there was a priest called Kuuya He, in the desolate world, carved an Eleven-Faces Kannon for the sake of people who could not come to a temple and those who could not be saved by pulling this Kannon around and have them pray to it. Moreover, because the plague was prevalent, he entertained the people in the streets with tea. He performed a dance while chanting a Buddhist prayer called “dancing Amitabha.” As well as there was some sexy anecdote that was on the edge of Buddhist precepts. It can be conferred that he was a very friendly priest. The teaching of Kuuya soon became the basis of the large Jodo sect of Buddhism.

However, Kuuya himself snuggled with none of the temples, and in his entire life time, he was with the people in the streets and devoted himself to transmitting Buddhist teachings orally, and as it seemed that he left neither writings nor documents. Unconventional, humorous, beautiful, polite and healing. Never lean on authority nor fame, Surprisingly few important things exist. If we are born enlightened, we would like to get even a little closer to it..

Kanae Ohgi

© Sofie Isaksson / OpenART