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24Downward spiral

Francesco Bracci *1976, San José, Costa Rica. Bor och arbetar i San José, Costa Rica

This prototype composed of  beer crates emerges from the water as an element that connects visually and functionally different levels and perspectives. So you can be walking on the sidewalk and immediately be transport into the water.

A tunnel have a strong symbolic charge wich is potentiate in this case by the composition of its rotating elements, to produce in the viewer the feeling that time can move differently from outside to inside, that travelling through space is possible and that eventually you can be in one place and another both at the same time.

The main source of interest in Francesco Braccis work is to generate new interrelations in the spaces, by implement structures that propitiate a direct dialog with the public. Most of these projects works as modular prototypes that are constructed from a conscious study of the climatological conditions of the site and the sociocultural context in which they are located.

The starting point in his proposal is the unlimited possibility that exists in waste material, for three fundamental reasons: the low or non-existent cost, the facility to access this resources and the evident-current need not to use as far as possible raw or virgin materials.

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