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Adriana Affortunati 1982, São Paulo, Brasilienl, Bor och arbetar i São Paulo, Brasilien

I often use historical events and elements to influence my research although, to produce, I depend on a spontaneous or intentional encounter with objects that I claim as art material. I select old elements with wear marks that testify the passage of time, registering it`s memory.The objects are grouped, organized and suffer various forms of interference, resulting in objects or installations.

I work with the memory of the human presence, also constructing structures that reconfigure elements of the human body, evidencing the signs of time (wrinkles, skin folds) and the memory of its experiences ( scars, marks).

Before producing, I research about the history of the place where the work is going to be installed, to let it impact my production. I often use elements that are very common to that specific context. Changing their place or arrangement, is a way of making something familiar be perceptive again.

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