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Open Call soon to be launched


Open Call opens March 15 and continues until May 15!


Finally it’s time to submit your application for next years OpenART. Open Call is an application where professional artists can submit their artworks, both already existing as well as new ideas. For the biennial 2019 Open Art is searching for artists with different backgrounds, art mediums and expressions to fill the ciyu of Örebro with artworks. The submission fee is 150 SEK.


OpenART is an exhibition that takes place outdoors and is available for public interaction day and night during the exhibition period. We see possibillities for a wide range of art mediums and techniques but are particulary looking for artworks for the open space and in particular new ideas on what public art can be.


Let your fellow artists know about this, spread the word!


Click HERE to get to Open Call

(Opens 8:00am Swedish time on thursday march 15)


For questions about Open Call please read the FAQ in application. If you can’t find your answer there, you can reach us on:
+46 (0)19 21 48 94


Published: 2018-03-09