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Drifting artworks finds a home

Suddenly homeless artworks find sanctuary in their own Art Station at this year’s OpenART.


This summer, art will occupy not only the urban spaces in Örebro. In some cases, an indoor haven of refuge is needed – what we might otherwise call art galleries.
In this year’s edition of Scandinavia’s largest biennial for open-air art, works will also be showcased in the Örebro County Museum, Örebro Art Gallery and in a new untouched scene – an old furniture store!
Presenting a clear signature of Swedish functionalism in the Norrcity district, the furniture store has been christened Art Station for the summer. Two floors will house video art, installations, drawings, paintings, photography and other artworks that are not outdoor sculptures. The premises have been generously provided for our use by the property management firm Abramssons Fastighetsförvaltning.

Örebro County Museum and Örebro Art Gallery will simultaneously showcase a rich spectrum of art offered by the focus countries Japan and Colombia, as well as representations of the artistic whole of this year’s OpenART.
OpenART 2017 aims to create a distinct triangle of ideas between the three regions of the world spotlighted in the exhibition: Asia, Europe and South America.
OpenART Biennale in Örebro draws energy from the meeting between what might be depicted, with a few gentle brushstrokes, as the thoughtful wisdom of Asia and the colourful vitality of Latin America. A triangle of cultures that helps us let go of what we take for granted so that we can achieve something bigger here, together, in Örebro, in Northern Europe, in the world…

Premises for OpenART 2017 indoor art:

ARTstation, Klostergatan 42
Örebro Art Gallery, Olaigatan 17B
Örebro County Museum, Engelbrektsgatan 3
Contemporary Garage, Köpmangatan 11
Exposé art gallery, Gamla gatan 5.



This summer, Örebro will once again be transformed into art’s urban playground. OpenART, Sweden’s largest biennial for contemporary art in the public space, celebrates its sixth exhibition this year. Once again, the city centre will open up for a public encounter with art, long awaited by many. For three months, the urban space will become a forum for exciting creativity, magical experiences, and exhilarating ideas.
The special focus countries for 2017 are Japan and Colombia.

On 18 June 2017, OpenART Biennale will come into full bloom with more than a hundred works by sixty artists in Örebro’s city centre. In other words, anything can happen – and we promise it will! OpenART runs until 10 September.

Contakt information:
Elin Persson, OpenART Director
Phone 019-21 46 43 alt. +46 76-720 68 43
Elisabeth Magnusson, Marketing and Public Relations
Phone 019-21 10 52 alt. +46 76-551 19 58

Published: 2017-05-09