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OpenART Kids has its focus on the experience of art

OpenART Kids makes the art available for children between age 4 and 19. OpenART Kids gives the tools to meet the art, to tempt new ideas, to put words on their art experience and to create their own art pieces. Their creativity and participation motivates us.
OpenART Kids offers an open creative workshop for all ages during the whole exhibiton. Guided tours are held by art pedagogues for families, preschools, schools and newcomers. Art instructions is available for pedagogues that wants to go on their own with their class. A Kids-kit will be available in form of a bag with tools to experience the art for the younger children.



Open Creative workshop

Everyone is welcome to the workshop at Örebro läns museum to create with inspiration from OpenART. Here everybody can, regardless of age, be creative and experiment with material and expressions. You can always get ideas and guidance from our hosts on site. The creations made in the workshop will be showed during the summer in the lower gallery and in an orange cube outside of Örebro läns museum.


OpenART Kids-Kit

Discover the art together with your child in your own pace. The Kids-kit contains of an art tour with selected artworks in OpenART that are especially suitable for families with children in ages 4-12. Borrow a bag with exciting tools to explore the art together, that tempts to thoughts, experience and your own creativity.


Art walks for families

Do you want to experience OpenART with your family? Come to our art walk with creative workshop for families! A selection of artworks on OpenART will be presented by our art pedagogues on a guided tour. The art walk ends up at our creative workshop at Örebro läns museum with inspiration from the experience of the art.


Art walks for schools

OpenART Kids have art walks for preschools and schools in the county, free of charge. The art walks are held by art pedagogues which in dialogue with the young participants immerse the art experience in different levels depending on the age of the children. For pree-school children and the younger pupils the guided tour can be followed by creative work in our workshop with inspiration from the city art.

Art instructions will be available for pedagogues with guidance and pedagogical material from a selection of the artworks that can be experienced by their own with their class.


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