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Anna Ström 1976, Luleå, Sweden. Lives and works in Örebro, Sweden.

The will to tell something is essential to me. To create is to communicate, regardless of expression and regardless of technology. In my work with art I explore myself, the world around me as well as the technolo¬gy I´m working with. I mainly work with painting and my themes tend to move between everyday life and nature’s magnificence. Both the major and minor things in life inspire me. Collage is a technique I supplement my painting with, partly because it is fun and partly because I have to work in a different way which is rewarding. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where I am searching for the right pieces.

In my work for Open Art I have been working on the theme ”stress versus peace”. I’ve been thinking about human limitations and opportunities. All the demands on us and what our bodies at the same time requires. This work is about the life around us and the life within us. Impressions and ex¬pressions. A female perspective on a universal human theme, a reflection of our time.


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