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Marisa Merlin 1953, Costa di Rovigo, Italy. Lives and works in Padua, Italy

My works aim to be a reinterpretation and a reworking of the ecological and social demands, in reference to the quality of the human footprint on the Earth. Since several years I’m increasingly oriented towards large scale site/context-specific-installations, to build relations with the environment, engaging people in contrasting emotions in different levels: emotional, physical and intellectual, conflicting emotions of curiosity and aversion, attraction and sense of danger at the same time.

I prefere use different materials and techniques related to the concept I wantn to express, developing their potential and expressiveness, As I am deeply involved in issues concerning the ecology of the planet, I feel responsible for bringing attention to the ways humans beings are depleting our eco-system, for that I started working on art installations including human interaction through a dialogue that may bring awareness to the endemic environmental issues affecting our planet.

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