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SAM3 Born in Elche, Spain. Lives and work in Madrid, Spain.

One way for art to escape from the confines of the white gallery walls has been to take it out into public spaces. This is now a global movement. Areas of the urban space that were never conceived to be worth a second glance have been transformed into eye-catching galleries offering an artistic spectacle where you least expected it. An empty wall is an opportunity just waiting for an artist to accept the challenge!
Sam3 is a Spanish artist who has taken up this challenge with his murals, which are adorning walls not just in Spain but all over the world, including here in Örebro.
A number of his murals have been created over the years at OpenART. What they share in common is an understandable pictorial style that can be used to tell many different stories. And Sam3’s current exhibit is no exception. His imagery can be described as archaic or primordial, using visual cues that go way back to ancient folklore and touch upon the human condition here on Planet Earth.


© Sofie Isaksson / OpenART & SAM3