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83Paradise / The drawingbook series

Songnyeo Lyoo *1983, Busan, Korea. Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany

“Although it does not exist, we believe it exists, Although you can not reach it, it is something we dream about, Although it vanishes identically, we hope that it remains forever”

We can never reach utopia. This is already implied in the name meaning: ‘no place’. We can only endlessly approach utopia. A space that can never be reached, a space that does not exist anywhere, but is mutually believed to exist. I demand the suspension of disbelief of the audience, and I hope that all viewers will find their utopia or paradise.

The series depicts various individual utopias that everyone dreams. Utopia coexist in the space of nature, animals and humans and in this space, the observer dreams their own paradise. The bright colors and objects in the painting represent not only one’s own existence in utopia, but also represents the deep space. Nature is the most important space to express utopia and everything that coexists there.


© Sofie Isaksson / OpenART

The drawingbook series