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35Oxe (Ox)

Henrik Jonsson *1991, Stöde, Sweden. Lives and works in Gustavsberg, Sweden

My artistic practice revolves around how we decided to write our art history. In my art, I try to question and complicate the image of iconic artworks. In my process I select, rearrange them and force them into a contemporary context. I have a clear vision of my creative process and I devote an extensive amount of time on each project. For example, I have spent six years exploring Rembrandt’s series of self-portraits, taking his paintings and translating them into sculpture. I am aiming to create a contemporary approach to the art canon, where I examine art history through the making of objects. This gives them their own unique qualities and historical value to stand on their own. My pieces are a selection of specific moments in time, chosen from a perspective of this time.
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