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17Moment + Moment Curitibá

Yukihiro Taguchi *1980, Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Who has not at one time or another fantasized about the secret lives of everyday objects? Everything seems as usual when you step through the door of your home, but while you were away… This is a common theme in children’s books, perhaps because a child’s mind is fully open. With age, everyday objects become increasingly inanimate to us.
Yukihiro Taguchi makes the most common objects and home environments bustle with activity – usually when no one is looking. He makes performative art, stop-motion animation such as you see in old cartoons made before computer animation. With a simple still camera, he documents homes or urban environments, employing various everyday objects that act and intervene in their given visual space.  The active involvement of the familiar changes that which we otherwise hardly notice. In the unexpected, the funny invasions, the unexpected transformations, a fantastic field of art opens.

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