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20Mediaflöjel (Media Vane)

Lina Sundin & Jens Erlandsson *1976, Fellingsbro, Sweden. Lives and works in Örebro, Sweden. *1988, Borgholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Örebro, Sweden.

Which way are the media winds blowing at the moment? Are handicrafts, artistic expression, sculptural works or political statements the flavour of the month? With their work entitled Media Weather Vane, Lina Sundin and Jens Erlandsson portray a phenomenon in today’s fast-changing media world. Digital media coverage means that news is flashed across the world instantly through the ether. Traditional media like newspapers have to be physically distributed to the reader. Nowadays most of us read the news online on our computers, iPads and smart phones or watch the news on TV. Media Weather Vane is a physical object made skilfully in iron to represent today’s media coverage with its fast distribution and equally fast shifts of focus. Such things as our social media feed cloud our perception by determining in which direction our attention focuses and who we listen to. Media Weather Vane is made to be able to change shape in order to reflect the fickle changes of direction that can ultimately represent a threat to democracy.