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28Kapitäl (Ionic capital)

Greger Ståhlgren *1966, Hultsfred, Sweden. Lives and works in Alingsås, Sweden

Greger Ståhlgren works with a range of mediums and techniques including photography, sculpture and site-specific installations with a primary focus on the natural world and cultural history. He bases his practice on direct experience with nature; the forest plays a central part in both photography and three-dimensional works.

Much of his sculptural work combines humour and elements of surprise with craftsmanship as they play with unexpected contrasts in materials and connotations. Works such as Birch tree trumpet (2015) and Lightroom (2015) create puzzling ambiguity for the viewers by placing or even incorporating recognisable man-made objects into nature. In all of his works, Ståhlgren offers his viewers a generous space for their own thoughts as he deliberately constructs his scenarios in a way that refuses definitive interpretations, like visual poems.

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