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60For the next breath

Yusuke Asai *1981, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Imagine a doodle, but drawn with mud. Yusuke Asai is the painting ceramic artist. Trained as a ceramic artist, he works as a painter and often uses mud to paint his images. Mud is a multifaceted material with varying densities, textures and all the colours of the earth. It is made from eroded rocks with colours from the minerals they sprang from.

Asai paints as we might doodle in the margins of a book; nothing is planned in advance. Everything develops as a richly associative fan of shapes and colours. When possible, he explores the colour scales of local mud in the areas in which he works and makes his colour palette based on these. With these, regular paint or tape, a detailed subject sphere emerges of the animals, plants and people who live or lived there. Asai depicts an archaic, primordial world of figures with the tone of an almost shamanic saga.

© Sofie Isaksson / OpenART