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Etam Cru 1987, Turek, Poland. Lives and works in Turek, Poland * 1987, Lodz, Poland. Lives and works in Gdynia, Poland *

This is art that stands out in the grey urban environment. The Polish artist duo Etam Cru brings to life forgotten streets with explosions of colours and shapes, filling pockets of opportunity with a fresh burst of creativity. Drawing on Eastern European folklore, they show us shimmering moments from life that everyone can identify with. Their style is distinctly illustrative. Deftly drawn narratives that seize us with humour, sarcasm, sharp contemporary vision and, not least, a magnetic surrealism.
Showing signs of their heritage from Eastern Europe with the emphasis on realism, this style was also prevalent in the print media of Western Europe in the heyday of the picture magazines of the 1940s and 1950s.
As high as a house and skilfully built around all kinds of random and complex architectural constructions, their visual imagery livens up the empty silent voids with vibrant stories.