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46Natural Geotraffic

Niklas Fännick *1983, Gothenburg, Sweden. Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden

The edge in my work is not primarily to shape but to capture. My work consist basically in finding pieces of everyday junk that bears a certain personality or expression. It’s that specific piece I want. I put it in a context with other objects to highlight for my audience what I see. I want to capture that specific part, it’s expression. And I want to create something with as few brush strokes as possible. Like a quick sketch. It’s like biomimicry, but the other way around. I love nature. It’s full of expressions. When I create animal sculptures I usually don’t want to create a milieux for it, but rather let the specific place it resides in be a part of the art work. I love iron. It’s eternal. It came in to existence long before us, and it’s something that we leave behind. Right now, it’s our turn to use it.


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