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Diao Wei *1979, Shandong, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China

The nude is a common image in Chinese sculpture, photography and art installations. Is it some sort of reset: people washed clean by the political system after decades of turmoil? There is something defenceless about a human body without any tell-tale signs to place the person in a hierarchy. Diao Wei is a clear representative for contemporary art in China. He works with big formats, strong impressions and dynamic combinations of animal or human bodies within a given set of dimensions. While his sculptures can be crafted down to the most minute detail, the surfaces can also consist of strong colours and textures, giving them a surrealistic or fantastical, dream-like quality. Here in Örebro, the flowing metal wire makes interesting portraits of the local inhabitants. Wei’s art states the obvious and this is what makes it feel familiar. Firmly anchored in the here and now, but also capable of carrying our thoughts away to yonder realms.


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