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David Mesguich *1979, Lyon, France. Lives and works in Marseille, France

In every town, there are passageways where conventional design wisdom has never set foot. Enclaves of aesthetic voids such as car parks, the rear of an industrial building or the areas separating one social group from another.
The French artist David Mesquich has taken up the challenge of giving these spots new life through art. He is part of the street art movement but is best known for his large geometrical sculptures. His art not only draws on these modern roots but also weaves in the traditions of classical fine art. It is characterized by multi-facetted portraits of people. The polygon structure gives a special quality of light to the sculptures.
The deeply human facades capture the life and soul of the inhabitants, touching a poetic note especially resonant with some cities that have a special vibe. His works of arts are like huge exclamation marks in the urban space.


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