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9Cleaner Murakami 3

Satoshi Murakami 1988, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Nagano, Japan

A fragile styrofoam house you can carry on your back… Satoshi Murakami is OpenART’s most pronounced nomad – a true contemporary figure in the art world, always on the move! Murakami’s challenge does not come at the easel, but instead in his encounters with other people. It is there his art emerges and becomes meaningful. There is a name for this type of art: relational aesthetics. It can refer to anything from cooking meatballs with strangers to – like Murakami – sleeping in a little house in someone’s garden.
The art is ultimately about the desire to communicate with others, building a conversation about the big and little aspects of life in a rapidly changing world. Murakami has found a medium to open the way for this. Perfectly disarming, a sort of village community often emerges where his projects set down roots in the urban space, beyond suspicion and alienation.


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