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Chiaharu Shiota *1972, Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

It is not only the Internet that links us humans together. Globalization builds structures of dependency between people, countries, continents and companies. A web that clearly connects us together; sometimes forcefully, at other times more sublime and crisp, as in relationships between people.
It is just these strands that bind us closely to one another that form the coherent structure in Chiharu Shiota’s subtle installation. It is dreamy and sometimes nightmarish: it holds together but can also bind within.
In one of the single largest installations at OpenART, along Köpmangatan, she illustrates how we are all on our way through life. Shiota’s recurring symbol – the boat – both carries us and moves us relentlessly forward through space and time. It is so beautiful that it takes our breath away, and so fateful that it brings tears to our eyes.


© Sofie Isaksson / OpenART

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