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2Sailing in the sky

Chiaharu Shiota *1972, Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

We live in a speedy society. We are busy working and keeping our obligations fulfilled and we sometimes forget about ourselves, our inner feelings or true desires. The role an artist has, or at least that is how I like to see it, is to create a world within a hectic world of inner peace and encounter with oneself. A place where art can make us aware of who and where we are. Sometimes art can provide self-consciousness and awareness, and we can relate to the work that is being shown and experience the connection within oneself.

On the one hand, since this is not a job I have been asked to do, there isn’t a specific goal and because I come up with so many different ideas, I never get tired of being an artist. On the other hand, I create art by means of expressing something missing within myself. It is the way I fill up this void.

I get inspired in many situations but specially whenever I am travelling or come across an empty space.
Once I have the idea in my head, I start developing my work following a certain path of milestones which can be considered as small goals until I reach the final stage, which would be when the installation is finished. But at this point a feeling of unfinished work arises and I then have a different goal I want to reach. So the development of an art piece is a never-ending process.
My work is not permanent. It lasts until the exhibition period but it remains in the memory of the visitors and that is what I intend to do when I create a piece. I prefer to let the visitor’s mind run free when they see my work. I never expect any reaction in particular because each individual has their own interpretation and the reaction I am looking for is more in the long term -if someone returns to see other works in future or current exhibitions because they enjoyed the last one.


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