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16Artificial Astronomy

Elin & Keino *1977, Pargas, Finland. Lives and works in Korpo, Finland *1979, Kotka, Finland. Lives and works in Kotka, Finland

Elin&Keino is a co-operation between artists Sandra Nyberg and Heini Nieminen that started in 2009. We are interested in the dynamics between the individual, the community and the environment. Our work is about encounters, collaboration, interpretations and transformation between sites, participants and situations – creating a dialogue between contemporary art and the environment/community. We often work with themes related to the somewhat problematic man/nature relationship and are interested in questions of ecology, sustainable development, global consumer culture and its effects on us and the age in which we live.

Elin&Keino communicates through tactile, participatory and visual artistic media as many people relate to their environment through involvement and aesthetics. We want to offer experiences that help the participant/audience relate to their surroundings and perhaps lead to universal questions of the individual and her place in this environment.