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34Arquitectura Vernácula (Domestic architecture)

Fredy Alzate *1975, Rionegro, Colombia. Lives and works in Medellín, Colombia

The deterioration of the objects and the urban landscape is taken as the intersection point in Alzate´s work. This concept is clearly taken from his hometown: Medellin, but through its powerful message now becomes extra-polable to the rest of our Latin American cities. Alzate features objects framed in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional technique, while watching them we evoke their use and disuse – that Latin American idea of objects being used many times. The woodwork and experimentation play an essential role, leading the everyday object to a new context, making it a sort of -colombian- ready-made. Fredy Alzate through paintings and large sculptures takes the urban to the extreme. He shows elements that push the city to a constant deterioration: Latin cities common point. Thereby it presents the fragile dynamic between architecture and landscape, where rampant urbanism constantly threatens nature, a reality that has forged our social spaces, conditioning them and conditioning ourselves. Alzate exposes the contradictory situation of our cities, where wealth and poverty are separated by an imaginary thin line that sometimes intersects, taking an object out of use and through art giving it a new meaning.


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