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82Anonymous objects

Mikkel Johnsen *1982, Copenhagen, Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

In our present post-industrial age, unused and abandoned man-made constructions are again captured by nature, while nature elsewhere is displaced by the human desire to conquer new territory.

I have always been intrigued by the human impact in the landscape.The conflation of the artificial and the natural – the constructed and the already existing.The architecture staged as a choreographic element in the landscape, presents in my work a photographic fiction where nature interacts with culture and smooth meets striated.

Mikkel Johnsen balances with Anonymous Objects a fine line between landscape and architectural photography, creating images of a built environment. With no human occupants in the frame, his industrial compositions are uncanny and enigmatic, and have a touch of something isn’t quite what it looks like.

Johnsen’s approach consists of combining and composing numerous photographs to create a photographic fic­tion where the architecture is staged as a choreographic element in the landscape.

The juxtaposition of the landscape and the architecture in each photograph captures a snapshot of their mutual relationship and shows the human footprint in the post-industrial era.

© Mikkel Johnsen