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78Utsikten som jag minns den (The view as I remember it)

Anna Pettersson *1981, Viby, Sweden. Lives and works in Kumla, Sweden.

For me, art is like a magical portal, A gateway for the imagination to see the world from a different angle. Our eyes wants to search for connection even though there may not be one. Our longing for logic and explanations of things interests me. That fascination makes me want to constantly refine my sensitivity to composition, proportions and tension between different objects. I want to see what happens when an object speaks to another, searching for the atmosphere that emerges at that moment. I am curious about what happens when the material becomes the object in a making process. I must rely on the arts and crafts experiences I have and the knowledge my hands owns. With roots in material-based art, I enjoy to work intuitively and concentrated in different materials. My work often consists of several elements assembled into a whole. My work is usually composed of various elements assembled into a whole.

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