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74Blossom, Flourish, Wither, Perish / The Unborn

Nandita Mukand *1975, Lucknow, India. Lives and works in Singapore, Singapore

When faced with the complexities of urban life, I turn to Nature and meditation to renew my understanding of what it means to live fully. Spending time alone in natural surroundings, experiencing and reflecting upon growth and decay in Nature has led me to ponder deeply the cycles of life and death, the interconnection of all life forms and the resilience of life forces over forces of destruction. In my sculptural works I often deconstruct found materials of everyday city life as a metaphor for unraveling the opinions we encounter in contemporary society, the cultural norms that colour our thinking. I fashion these into organic forms reminiscent of natural growth and decay. In other installations I have employed natural materials like dead plants and seeds for the depth of meaning that they invoke.




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