Six thousand books needed for gigantic sculpture in Örebro

Press release. Örebro, 26 mars, 2015
UPDATE MAJ 5, 2015: Due to the active involvement of people in Örebro, we have managed to collect more than 6.000 books. The campaign is now over.

Spanish artist Alicia Martin is re-contextualizing books, by taking them out of the library, into the street and turning them into gigantic objects. OpenART is currently collecting six thousand books for Alicia Martin’s upcoming creation, on future display at OpenART 2015.

Twelve years ago, in 2003, Alicia Martin accepted an invitation to create big book sculptures. Ever since, her sculptures toured the world, fascinating millions. Everyday objects and situations are recreated at large scale by means of a chaotic overlapping of books.

“I like mixing different themes, languages and colours in what seems like a huge chaotic mass. Such an intervention in the public space works as an invitation for people to find their own order”, says Alicia Martin.

Alicia Martin will exhibit a site-specific work at the fifth edition of OpenART, in 2015. Six thousand books are needed for her artwork.

“We have already been in contact with the City Library, a few printing houses and second hand book stores in Örebro, but we are collecting books in the form of private donations as well. Those interested in contributing their old books to an amazing artwork, can leave them at the OpenART office and Örebro art gallery, until May 15”, says Nina Glimvall, Operations Manager Culture and Leisure Department at the Municipality of Örebro.

”In Mexico, many people who revisited my artwork returned with books, paying a tribute to the creation. In Madrid or other places in Spain, some people got disturbed that I used books as a material. I wonder how people in Örebro are going to react”, says Alicia Martin.



Alicia Martin visits the OpenART office