OpenART develops programmes for children and young people

Press release. Örebro 26.05.2015

The projects aim at establishing a solid framework for addressing pedagogical development, education, family entertainment and social inclusion thorough encounters with art. Special activities for children with hearing and vision impairment are also included in the projects.

OpenART Kids and OpenART DIY are two such distinct initiatives whose beneficiaries are children, young people, schools and families across Örebro County. While different in scope, the two projects are similar in their mission to encourage children and young people to develop their artistic skills through interaction, dialogue and guidance.

Family entertainment, social integration, education, pedagogical development and recycling are main considerations and targets for OpenART Kids and OpenART DIY.

“Art implies participation and engagement. With this in mind, we are investing in community-based projects whose outcomes contribute to openness and creativity in the long run. We want children and young people to be inspired by art and broaden their horizons”, says Elin Persson, project leader at OpenART.

OpenART Kids

OpenART Kids is a pedagogical initiative that gives children and young people aged 4-19 the opportunity to experience art and create their own. The target groups are schools, pre-schools and kindergartens, as well children accompanied by parents and young people. Family tours, open tours for primary and secondary education institutions, creative workshops and self-guiding kits are available. The open tours and creative workshops are provided by educationalists, who assist the participants with theoretical and practical insights.

New for 2015 is family tours for children with hearing and vision impairment. Three guided tours provided by a sign language interpreter and one provided by an audio interpreter will be organized. Guided tours in languages other than Swedish are also available.

“Many schools in the region have already booked in activities. I think the project is very interesting because children and adults get to do something creative together. It’s about the joyful exchange and the joint experience”, says Anna-Karin Wulgue, Chief of Örebro art gallery.

Launched in 2013, the project is developed in partnership with Örebro County Museum, Örebro County’s Art Consultant, Örebro Art Gallery, and Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, and receives support from Region Örebro Län, Futurum Fastigheter and the Municipality of Örebro. Despite its pilot edition, OpenART Kids gained popularity already in 2013, with more than 800 children and young people across the Örebro County taking part in its activities.

OpenART Kids begins on June 16 and ends on September 6.


Developed with NBV Örebro Mälardalen, OpenART DIY is a do-it-yourself course that aims at encouraging young people to pursue their artistic aspirations. NBV is oldest educational association in Sweden, with 120 years of experience in public education. The institution works with issues like public health, drug abuse and integration.

“During the summer, we involve young people in activities that develop their creativity. We address social inclusion, by bringing together young people from all backgrounds in a creative and collaborative environment, which stimulates social interaction”, says Altansukh Demberel, artist and Project Coordinator at NBV Örebro Mälardalen.

The project consists of four creative workshops that take place under June 15 – July 24. Over the course of three weeks, the work­shop partic­i­pants benefit from guid­ance from expe­ri­enced artists who teach them how to create sculp­tures, inspired by the artworks exhib­ited at OpenART 2015.

The participants gain experience not only creating artworks, but also exhibiting them. At the end of the course period, all creations are shown in a group exhibition, inaugurated on August 12, under Örebro’s 750 years anniversary week. Afterwards, the exhibition moves in at NBV Kulturpalatset, which can be visited until September 6.

Besides its inclusion focus, the project also has an environmental dimension.

“About 90% of the material is recycled. The sculptures will be made of old wood, plastic bottles or books”, says Altansukh Demberel.

The registration to OpenART DIY is open until June 12 and can be done by mail to altan­ or phone 019-670 83 18.