Erik Ravelo at OpenART 2015

News. Örebro, april 16, 2015

His art projects speak more than a thousand words. So many, that they get banned on Facebook. So many, that they get exhibited at OpenART 2015.

Erik Ravelo is a Cuban artist and creative director, working for clients such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, The Guardian and Reporters Without Borders. Author of numerous campaigns and art projects, Erik Ravelo denounces social issues in strongly evocative images.To some, his art is highly provocative. Facebook is one of the social media giants to have censored some of his campaigns, labelling the content as ‘harmful’.

OpenART is pleased to announce the participation of Erik Ravelo at OpenART 2015 with two iconic creations, “Los Intocables”(2013) and “Facing”(2015). “Los Intocables”, translated as “The Untouchables” features a series of photos depicting children crucified on different symbols of violence, like molestation or war. “Facing” is one of Erik Ravelo’s latest campaigns, raising awareness on acid attacks against women. The installation consists of portraits where acid is used to rust metal leaves and reveal beautiful and inspiring faces of women.


Photo: Artist Erik Ravelo next to one of his acid painting in the series “Facing” (2015)Erik Ravelo

Photo: Excerpts from “Los Intocables” (2013)