Press release. Örebro, may 13, 2016.

OpenART in new collaboration to pursue youth project

This summer a new collaboration between OpenART, adult educational association Sensus and public tech school Komtek invites young adults between ages 15 – 20 to DIY ARTLAB. It is a three week course which focus on getting new perspective on art and science, to raise creativity as well as confidence.

Last year’s success with DIY, opens up for a second round. This time in collaboration with Sensus and Komtek. Much like last year, the young adults get the opportunity to explore their own creativity with the help of several experienced mentors and inspiring workshops. The focus of this year´s course is to explore the possibility of art meeting technology.

The purpose is to create a safe and exiting platform where young adults, regardless of their background, can develop their own creativity with an experimental approach.

– With this project, we particularly want to reach out for the young adults who are feeling tired of school, who are already creative and interested in technology, as well as unaccompanied refugee children, says Elin Persson, Manager of OpenART.

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OpenART is an Art Biennal and a sector within Örebro municipality that take place 12 weeks during every other summer.