“With OpenART Kids, we explore art through so many perspectives”

Elin Persson

OpenART Kids is an initia­tive that started off from our belief that talent orig­i­nates in playful mind­sets. And who else, but chil­dren and teenagers, are natural-born dare­devils? With OpenART Kids, we aim at actively supporting young talent to surface.

In 2013, OpenART and its close partners, Örebro County Museum, Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen and Region Örebro Län came up with an amazing idea to give the county’s children the opportunity to experience art in their own unique way, as well to create art.

Our programme is devel­oped in coop­er­a­tion with Örebro Coun­ty’s Art Consul­tant, Örebro Art Gallery, and Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, with the support of Region Örebro Län and the Munic­i­pality of Örebro.

The goal is to give the coun­ty’s chil­dren and teenagers (aged 4-19 years) the oppor­tu­nity to encounter art and create their own. Family tours, creative work­shops, self-guiding kits and art walks for kinder­gartens and schools are avail­able at no charge from June 16 to September 4.


OpenART 2013

OpenART turns the town upside down

Welcome to Örebro in 2015, 14 June – 6 September

OpenART is Scandinavia’s biggest public art event, running for twelve weeks, every two years in Örebro, Sweden. The fifth edition of OpenART commits once again to turning the town upside down, with art that will surprise, intrigue and inspire.

Contemporary art from all over the world is temporarily displayed in the city center, for everyone to experience it, without an admission ticket. The public space becomes under OpenART an intensively shared space, that people will acknowledge, re-experience and re-collect. Additionally, OpenART takes a broad leap into the public arena, with projects and activities that reach out to a diverse public. Guided tours, activities for children and young people, as well as special events are available for everyone under the summer of 2015.

When OpenART’s in town, the cityscape is lifted to a vibrant dimension, where art seems to peek-a-boo at passersby. People will encounter art in places they least expect it everywhere in the city center – on the street, shop windows, facades, on the water surface, around the castle or in parks. The great thing is that the artworks are in within 10-minute walking radius from Örebro castle, making the exhibition easily accessible by foot or bike.

Every edition, OpenART commissions 100 artworks, created by 60 contemporary artists, locally and internationally known. Iconic creations like BadBad Boy (Tommi Toija, 2013), The Big Yellow Rabbit (Florentijn Hofman, 2011), Bunny Project (Conny Bloom, 2009) and Spectacle Agnostico (Kent Karlsson, 2008) have infused small- and large scale fantasy into the public space, making headlines in the international media.

OpenART challenges perceptions of what art is, building bridges between cultures and people, while fostering local and international art dialogue.