41 Cecilia Jansson

Prison art next to police station

Swedish artist Cecilia Jansson has been working on a large-scale art project with inmates in Kumla high security prison for the past six years. The project consists of decorations and paintings made by both inmates and artists in a corridor under prison. The artwork Cecilia exhibits at OpenART features a 12-meters long container that showcases the video documentation of the prison project. Symbolically entitled Nowthe artwork refers to the prisoners’ impatience when working with the project, in a place where time seems to stand still. Cecilia’s artwork is exhibited on Skattetorget, vis-a-vis the police station in Örebro.

“Time moves slow in the prison. They (the inmates) want things to happen now, not tomorrow. One of the reasons could be that they are waiting for so many things already that one more thing feels almost unbearable”, says Cecilia for OpenART.

Cecilia Jansson’s artwork often deals with the theme of identity, exploring prejudice on different groups of people.