Johan Suneson

Born 1963 in Västan­fors, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden


Mammatrappa, Pappatrappa

Watercolour paintings on styrofoam, cardboard and wood

The work consists of two models of spiral staircases. They rotate around their own axis from floor to ceiling. Each step represents a scene from my parents’ lives. Some are from the stories I’ve heard, others are things I experienced myself. Fragments of the past form a new shape. When you paint, you tell something in color and form; an inner world, of vague and complicated contexts, rendered in watercolor paintings. They are painted in different ways, but inserted in a repeating structure.

Artist Statement

In art, there is freedom and imagination. Art is a part of reality. It can be a statement and an invitation. It can arouse the viewer’s memories or lead to speculation. People see a lot of things and are involved in a lot of things. The brain is constantly working to make ends meet. I want my stuff to be both real and unreal. I want my sculptures and paintings to look homemade and strange. I want the viewer to feel that there are different ways of looking at things.