Yukako Ando

Born 1972 in Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Düssel­dorf, Germany.


Y’s Home Video

Hi-8 to DV, 90 sec.

Y’s Home Video is part of the project Y’s Life, which was made in combination with an installation, an object, a performance and a video work. Several daily necessities such as food, detergent, toilet paper, tableware, CD and household electrical appliances are falling on the head of the artist. Her worries and daily stress are presented in this piece.

Artist Statement

I focus on the everyday phenomena from which fundamental questions of life arise. The point of departure for my work is my personal experience of the real world as a complex environment, in which reality and fiction blend as equal parts of my consciousness to form a unified platform for my subjective experience. This platform provides the substance and historical context for my work and practice.