Yukako Ando

Born 1972 in Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Düssel­dorf, Germany


Traffic Island - / a short-lived rest

This installation is inspired by traffic islands. It is left out from the daily traffic system and exists as an object on its own, like a small island placed in river Svartån by the castle. Everyday elements, like a deck chair, a bike and a bag are placed on it. I created a situation that looks as if someone is taking a rest there and just leaving the place for a while. In our daily life, the traffic island is designed for pedestrians to cross the street. Pedestrians have to move hastily as the traffic dictates. I released the traffic island from rules of the everyday life, and by doing so I intend to awake reflections about our city lifestyle.

The project Traffic Island – / a short-lived rest playfully approaches the questions regarding the relation between the public and the private space, spare time and work, rest and movement or reality and dreams. Besides, the project interprets our everyday scenery differently and tries to create another perspective.

Artist statement

I focus on the everyday phenomena from which fundamental questions of life arise. The point of departure in my work is my personal experience of the real world as a complex environment, in which reality and fiction blend as equal parts of my consciousness to form a unified platform for my subjective experience. This platform provides the substance and the historical context for my work and practice.