Yin Xiuzhen

Born 1963 i Beijing, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China


Collective Subconscious

In 1989, Yin Xiuzhen graduated from the oil painting department at the College of Fine Arts at Capital Normal University. She currently lives and works in Beijing. Since 1995, she has used old clothing as her basic creative medium. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions, becoming one of the most important female contemporary artists in China. Over the last decade, she has collected old clothing from countless people all over the world. This clothing bears traces of different experiences, and when it is sewn and collaged into her works, she transforms personal experience into public memory, and perhaps even cultural memory. In this large installation work, she squeezes more than four hundred old garments into an elongated van. This vehicle is a space for collective existence, which also reflects the speed, flows, and changes of the road. We often believe that clothing reflects the experience and memory of each individual, but this work also reveals a collective subconscious. Our times and our society are grand constructs, so this piece is not limited to a specific individual; it spans one or more generations and one or more countries.

Text by Feng Boyi