Yang Mushi

Born 1989 in Jiangxi, China. Lives and works in Beijing and Shanghai, China


Grind No 0005

In 2014, Yang Mushi graduated from the sculpture department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He currently lives and works in Shanghai and Beijing. This installation consists of more than one thousand pieces of wood in different shapes. The piece took him nearly two years to make. He cuts, polishes, and sharpens these wooden pieces to emphasize their material properties. This simple, yet dour visual contrast, creates the rich, keen visual forms of this work. The consumptive nature of these daily, extreme actions and this brutal process give this ordinary material an extreme element. Within these dignified black forms hides violence, danger, and fragility. Here, Eastern meditative rites are transformed into artistic experiments that reflect the artist’s perceptions and understanding of action, body, time, and life.

Text: Feng Boyi