Willy Verginer

Born 1957 in Brixen, Italy. Lives and works in Ortisei, Italy.


Between idyllic and reality

Lindenwood, acryl color, iron, wood sculpture; 165x118x60cm

In this installation the association of two apparently conflicting conditions creates an almost paradoxical situation. The artificial element represented by oil barrels is compared to a natural element symbolized by the deer. The black-gray color of the barrels, which spreads over the face of the animal, suggests an “aggression” of the artificial on the natural: the environmental pollution caused by mankind. At a second sight, one sees the vivid and immaculate landscape, scaled down in size on the back of the deer. It acts as a warning for the preservation of the most valuable thing we have: our environment.

Artist Statement

The sculptor Willy Verginer carves ultra-realistic characters in human dimensions out of tree trunks. With remarkable precision and attention to detail, he showcases ordinary individuals sometimes combined with significant objects or animals. The artist has been able to move away from the traditional approach to sculpting with wood, preferring to adopt a totally contemporary process. By observing the world around him, the artist conceptualizes social questions, including environmental concerns in particular, in installations that are often incredibly imposing.