Sylvain Ristori / SAMBRE

Born 1984 in Aubenas, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

14. SR


Wood; 18m x 5m x 6m

Our need for humanism and sharing simple things grows as our society pushes us into modern cults to consume what is created for us. Through “social” networks and “reality” TV shows we lose sincerity and humbleness in daily life.

Homemade is a rough product, closely resembling a barn. Homemade encourages us to think about our way of living. A simple rectangle is used to symbolize the human constructions. Stuck in social and economic conditions, our production is ruled by money and efficiency. This big architectural sculpture stands on a site in transition, growing from dust and collected materials, living shortly and soon returning to ashes. Is the urban animal in the right place at home, when surrounded by things designed by others for him? An open question floating through opened dancing walls, roof and floors, celebrating life.

When a door closes, another nearby is willing to open…

Artist Statement

The wood is a living material revealing a lot of stories. It’s stubborn and confident, and noble and weak at the same time. Working with this material is a communication with humanity.

My work takes place in transition sites, where the cycle of elements is truly visible. Collecting materials, reacting to the weather, building a social adventure with the people, finding out the technical possibilities, playing with time, I underline with passion something that exists.

My creation finds its shape by itself. I basically modify some evolving matter, until time comes for the creation to gently follow the process, and continue its way through combinations.


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