Roger Rigorth

Born 1965 in Saanen, Switzer­land. Lives and works in Münster, Germany.


The Portable Excavating Cocoon

Wood, steel, coconut rope; approximately 4,5 meter x 2,5 meter x 5 meter.

The object is moving on its own and it is portable. Geography works in layers in the same way we are surrounded by layers. In almost every field, we are challenged by them. Social, political, existential, philosophical circumstances condense in ourselves and create layers. The consciousness is located in our minds, this human container, in our brain. This container is a cocoon and I put it on a Caterpillar, a huge road building machine that is able to scratch off layers of dirt in a big way. Because of its portability, the installation can be shown in many locations in town.

Artist Statement

This installation came out of a body of work where I combined natural materials and forms with architecture or industrial produced vehicles. It is the contrast between nature and manmade structures that interests me; they create a specific tension and show our relationship and habits toward the natural world. I love cocoons, containers, shells and have been creating them during the last decade, out of natural materials. To me, they represent our own bodies and contain our souls. To attach these objects with architecture or vehicles simply means to put a visual “soul” on a used object.