Neringa Naujokaite

Born 1966 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Lives and works in Düssel­dorf, Germany.

yukako cross word


9 video projectors, 9 rearprojection screens, 9 loudspeakers.

The audio material for the installation is recorded from the radio. On different hotlines for themes like childlessness, liposuction, self-injury, career woman, callers tell their personal experiences, which inspired me for the video-installation.

Artist Statement

My installations are video- or slide-projections on split screens combined with spoken text, objects or sound. I cut the surface of my projections in strips or squares, breaking the exhibition space into different layers. The subject of my practice is the dialogue between the social environment and the individuals acting in it. I’m interested in everyday problems, frictions, longings or banalities. I observe the way people interact with their environment and seek typical, universal patterns.

In some of my works I use anonymous material from the mass media like radio hotlines and Internet forums, trying to rediscover the privacy of pictures spread in public. In other works I use my own interviews. My intent is to highlight the exchange between an individual and the public. I attempt to document reality with the suggestion of very personal fragmented portrait images, which could be a typical formula.