Miri Nishri

Born 1950 i Bogota, Colombia. Works and lives i Tel Aviv, Israel.

TV Sex Box / Miri Nishri

TV Sex Box

The TV is getting a life of its own. It pounds like a heart and there’s no telling what it may do.

Artist Statement

In my art I deal with the tension between personal experience and the processed reality shot at us by the media. In a world where every “truth” one day becomes a lie, I find that reality is no more than thousands of broken glass shreds, left after we shattered the screen that used to monitor our perception.

In the strange and complex times we live in, I find that shattering reality in my videos allows me a sort of reflection on the world’s current state. It allows me to see through the mess of political and human disasters that are plaguing the world in general and my country in particular. I find that art is the only thing that allows me to examine my own existence here. And yet, I’m still nowhere near to understanding it.

TV Sex Box