Michael McGillis

Born 1966 in Detroit, USA. Lives and works in Royal Oak, USA.

"Systema Naturae (Infra Ominia)" / Michael McGillis

Systema Naturae (Below Everything)

Systema Naturae is a series of micro environments that synthesize the Natural and the unNatural. They reexamine the natural classification system popularized by Carl Linnaeus in the 18th century.  This ‘system update’ factors in accelerating human influence in an era now referred to as the Anthropocene.

Artist Statement

I’m interested in how we connect as individuals to our environment, as well as how we have collectively altered it to form a new, ‘revised Nature’. This nature is propelled forward entirely by unconscious momentum, despite human disruption. It is the unseen coyotes that now comfortably roam in American cities, or the introduced phragmites reeds that clog roadside ditches around the world. So much change has occurred, yet a newer idea of nature thrives in the wake of our interference. Though each of my artworks has a distinct process, they all stem from my enthusiasm for the swirling bits of detail that coalesce to form places. I want to heighten a sense of what’s there, what’s missing, and what might be possible.